Parent Participation

Parents are active members of our co-op community and play a central role in the success of our school. They assist teachers in the classroom, may serve on various committees or on the Board of Directors, and help maintain our school.

Parents volunteer at least twice monthly to be the "working parent" in their child's classroom, where they  provide an extra set of ears, eyes and hands for the teachers. Parents may read a story in the cozy corner, may supply a nourishing snack for the class, may share their talents and interests with the children, and have the opportunity to observe and learn about child behavior.  Many parents say that the opportunity to learn about child development from observing our skilled teachers is one of the most valuable aspects of belonging to our co-op... along with their being an important part of their child's first educational experience and the life-long friends they make along the way.

Each family also helps keep our school well maintained  by participating in four "weekend workday" mornings each year. If both parents attend the same workday, this counts as two of the four workdays. On these mornings, parents may do a variety of tasks, such as make minor repairs or clean. These mornings are fun, community building occasions, where children get to play and help. On the Mondays following a workday, the children are often proud and eager to report on the ways in which they and their parents helped improve the school.

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