Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is the heart of our school and the guiding principal of our teaching. We are a developmental school.  We believe all children learn, change and grow at different rates and stages. A constant thread is the belief that all children are unique.  We honor who they are and look for ways to teach based on individual learning styles and interests.  

At Crestwood Preschool we offer a play-based education; we strongly believe that children learn through play.  Free play is a huge part of our daily program. It is through play that children learn all the social and emotional skills for life.  

Our program is also child-centered.  The daily activities are often driven by the children’s interests and play a major part in the children’s education. For example, we study whales when a child walks in with a whale book from home.  We bring out magnifying glasses and trays of soil when a child finds a little bug in the ground.  We let the children lead during singing time on the rug and when they ask to dance we play tunes.  When a child finds a tiny sparkle in the sand we grab cups and collect treasures. We believe children learn best in a nurturing environment where they are allowed to discover, explore and create.

And finally, we are a cooperative, which means we view parents as participants in their own children’s education.

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