Required Immunizations

Child Immunizations - All children enrolled in preschool are required to be immunized, or they may not attend school.  We have provided a detailed list of required immunizations. Some children may be allowed a medical exemption from their doctor.  This exemption is only if a vaccine is medically unsafe for the child.
Adult Immunizations - All working parents are now required to receive vaccinations for measles and pertussis in order to work in the classroom. Additionally, a flu vaccine is required. However, you can “opt out” of a flu vaccine by signing a personal belief exemption.  If you are not sure if you’ve been vaccinated or if your vaccinations are still valid, you can get a TITER Test. It’s a blood test for that will determine if you need the vaccinations. Do this at your doctor’s office. Pertussis AKA Whooping Cough vaccine is effective for 4 to 6 years. 
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