Our Setting

We are fortunate to be located in a spacious, natural environment, where children might spot a deer on our hiking trail, experience the joy of harvesting fruits and vegetables from our school gardens, or watch a bird feeding its babies in one of our sycamore trees. This idyllic setting is nestled -- to the surprise of many -- in the hills of Kenter Canyon in Brentwood.


Our Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is the heart of our school and supports the guiding principles of our teaching.  We are a developmental, play-based and child-centered preschool.  We believe all children learn, change and grow at different rates and stages.  We strive to honor the uniqueness of each of our students and seek ways to enhance learning, along with social and emotional growth, based on individual learning styles and interests.  


Our Cooperative Community

Crestwood Hills Preschool embodies a cooperative and inclusive community where parents are an integral part of their child’s early education.  Whether assisting teachers in the classroom, sharing their talents and interests with the children, or serving on the Parent Board, our dedicated families develop meaningful connections and are central to the success of our preschool. 


Crestwood Hills Preschool values diversity in its many forms and encourages families of every race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, language, countries of origin and abilities to apply. Our diversity and inclusion policies apply to prospective students, families and staff.