Frequently Asked Questions

What is a co-op?

Unlike other forms of preschool, a co-op requires more than tuition -- a commitment of each parent's time, energy and attention are vital assets to our early educational setting.  Parent volunteers assist in the classroom, clean and maintain the school, and attend membership meetings as well as parent education opportunities.  In return, the co-op is your school as much as it is your child’s school -- you get to help shape it by embracing your family's involvement in a connected community. 

Does my child have to be "potty trained" to attend preschool?

No, at Crestwood we believe toilet-learning is a developmental issue.  Similar to other developmental milestones, each child will learn to use the potty in their own time and in accordance with their individual needs.

Is there structure in a play-based curriculum?

Yes, there is structure in a play-based curriculum. Throughout their school day, children transition between free play and group time -- including circle time, snack, clean-up, art, singing and reading -- through which they learn the skills they will need to be successful in Kindergarten.  While children master social skills like sitting quietly, listening to their classmates and teachers, raising their hands and waiting to be called on to speak, free play also allows them to develop reliable life skills that stretch far beyond their early years.  

How do you handle separation?

Our teachers are experts in shepherding parents and children through the separation process when preschool begins. Parents attend the first day of school, present and engaged as much as a child needs. For the days following, an individualized approach is developed for each family, until the child feels secure and comfortable with another caring person -- be it teacher or a new friend. Some transitions happen almost immediately, while others may take several days to a couple of weeks.  Our separation process is a collaborative process to meet the needs of each individual child.

What are the basic co-op requirements?

Working Parent

  • Minimum of 2 times per month (3 hours of class time per work day)
  • Responsible for helping the teachers, monitoring play areas, cleaning up.  Tasks may consist of preparing snack, washing dishes, sweeping, helping kids change out of wet clothes, assisting with art projects, reading, etc.

Weekend Work Days

  • 4 work days per multiple-parent family, or 2 work days days per single-parent family, required each year (2 fall/2 spring; 3 hours per work day)
  • Maintain the school through cleaning and minor repairs.

Parent Board

  • The Board consists of parent volunteers and is a great way to use your particular talents to help in an area of need. Examples include: Fundraising, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, Information Technology, Parent Education, Newsletter, and others.